August 2016  
Unreached People Group of the Day

Khampa, Northern of China


Primary Language:
Tibetan, Khams

Primary Religion:

% Evangelical:

The largest Least-Reached group in the Middle East / North Africa without Scripture, Jesus film, or audio recordings are the Hijazi Arabs of Saudi Arabia, with 9,400,000 people.


Pastor-Staff Gathering

Tuesday, August 30, 12 noon

Lunch $5

Discussion led by Dr. Clint Davis


BSM Building Repairs

Projects in Progress

(1) Paint interior: almost finished thanks to FBC Daingerfield men and Ellie Mouser of New Mine Baptist Church; additional help still appreciated

(2) New flooring: purchased, to be installed August 11

(3) Paint exterior (with some siding repair): men from Bar Nun committed to do the work 

(4) Haul off junk and trash: about a pickup bed's worth still left

(5) Wash dishes, pots and pans: Marguerite Morris of FBC Daingerfield has just about finished this task

(6) Dirt work to improve drainage: men from Lake Fork did this work

(7) New countertops to be installed by Carl Reuther of FBC Gilmer; Frank Caldwell of Chuckwagon Cowboy Ministries made and installed the door on the storage under the counters

(8) New furnishings will be purchased if enough additional money is received

There is still plenty to do for volunteers, especially in the area of general cleaning.  Please continue to give both your time and your money so that we can reach the generation following us.


Offerings Received for the BSM Building

Total Received---$22,564.01



Cason FBC-$500.00; Cedar Springs-$145.00; Diana FBC-$173.60; Crossroads-$725.00; El Buen Samaritano-$70.00; Emmanuel-$40.00; Fellowship-$200.00; Gilmer FBC-$1,374.00; Lake o'the Pines-$626.00; Lake Fork-$1,748.00; Liberty-$68.00; Lone Star-$1,840.00; Midway-$500.00; Mt. Pleasant FBC-$3,264.32; Naples FBC-$125.00; New Beginnings-$200.00; New Mine-$1,065.00; New Way-$1,822.05; NE Texas Bikers-$500.00; Ore City FBC-$300.00; Pine-$113.89; Piney Grove-$235.00; Pittsburg FBC-$2,405.00; Rock Hill-$132.28; Simpsonville-$100.00; Snow Hill-$400.00; Tranquil-$50.00; Walnut Creek-$135.00; Winnsboro FBC-$2,826.87; Individual gifts-$880.00.



FBC Diana Hosts Conference on October 8th!

              “The Bible, the Church, and Homosexuality:                  Walking in Truth and Mercy”

Presented by Harvest USA


Date: October 8, 2016        Time: from 8:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

 Location:  FBC Diana            Cost:  $15 per person (lunch)


Session 1:  Does God’s Design for Sexuality Still make Sense?

Session 2:  How Does the Gospel Make Sense of the  Controversial Passages?

Session 3:  Why Do We struggle with our Sexuality?

Session 4:  How Do We Walk Alongside of Believers Who  Struggle?

Session 5:  How Do We Cultivate Gospel Relationships in a  Gay Affirming Culture? I

Info and Tickets:

Questions? Call Pastor Marc Minter at FBC Diana (903) 663-1236


Walnut Creek Baptist Church is taking a Christmas mission trip (December 11-18) to Village of Hope, an orphanage in Guatemala.  The trip is open to men and women from other churches.  Men will redo the floor in the church and the women will prepare Christmas parties and cooking.  Presently, there is a need for seven (7) more women to go.  If interested, contact Mark Oliver at 903-720-4724.  Further information can also be found on the Village of Hope website .  A $200 deposit is needed by August 16.


The following churches have staff positions open: FBC Cookville, music minister; FBC Daingerfield, youth minister;  Lake o'the Pines, music minister; New Hope-Big Sandy, Youth Minister;  New Mine, youth minister;  FBC Ore City, youth minister;  Calvary, Talco, music/youth; Piney Grove, youth minister.  All positions are bivocational (parttime).  

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Safeguard Your Children/Youth Ministries with Background Checks

Make sure your children/youth are protected!  Background checks are important.  They are inexpensive and you are able to quickly enter the persons information, with the individuals permission, and a report will be received within a few minutes.  For information on background checks, visit or call (800) 464-2799.

IRS Warns of New Email Scam

An article from Church Finance Today issued a warning to payroll and human resources professionals to beware of a new phishing email scam requesting personal information on staff.  The cybercriminals have tricked people into sharing employees' Social Security numbers.

2016 Annual Meeting

Our 49th Annual Meeting will be held at FBC Pittsburg on Sunday, October 9th at 6:15 p.m. 

IRS Lowers Standard Mileage Rates for 2016

The IRS announced December 17 that the standard business mileage rate will fall in 2016 to 54 cents per mile (down from 57.5 cents per mile in 2015), while mileage for medical or moving purposes will decrease to 19 cents per mile (down from 23 cents per mile in 2015). Lower fuel prices are a contributor to these declines in the mileage rates.  The standard charitable mileage rate remains set at the statutory rate of 14 cents per mile.

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